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Bikerina Ballet & Strip Bike
Price on application


In Strip that Bike! Ina Queiss will undress herself (till what you see in the picture above) while continuously keeping herself balanced on a unicycle.
A striptease with a wink on a stripped bike! This cheerful and humorous act is fun and to see for all ages.

(Available in different costumes/music)

 Length: 4 Min     Minimum space: 3m x3m x2m       Ground: Even, dry, no carpet

 The poor ballerina is left alone again from her dancepartner. But anyway she finds her way without men.

Look forward to a very special Pas de Deux with interesting images and contrasts like you never saw before.

Length: 4 min       Mimimum space: 5mx7mx2m      Ground: Even, dry, no carpet