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Mackay - Rocky - Bundy
Obstacle Course's Slides - Wet or Dry
Brisbane / QLD
Brisbane / QLD
Sydney / NSW
Sydney / NSW
Melbourne / VIC
Melbourne / VIC
Adelaide / SA
Adelaide / SA
Perth / WA
Perth / WA
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Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast - Toowoomba - Ipswich - North Coast
New South Wales - Queensland - Victoria - South Australia
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Games - Sport - Challenges

Bucking Bull,
Mechanical Surfboard,
Basketball Challenge,
Soccer Shootout,
Footy Pass,
Bucking Beer Can,
Bucking Football,
Giant Maze,
Laser Skirmish,
Giant 10 Pin Bowls,
Fly Wall
Ladder Climb,
Horse Racing,
Wrecking Ball,
Sports Shootout,
Speed Tester,
Giant Darts,
Soccer Darts,
Human Wack a Mole,
Hungry Hippos,
Hippo Chow Down,
Gladiator Duel,
Tee Ball,
Volley Ball,
Slam Dunk,
Bungee Run,
Dodge Ball,
Big Ball,
Bouncy Boxing,
Kangaroo Boxing Ring,
Sumo Wrestling,
Roman Gladiator,
Rip Saw,
Log Slammer,
Bar Brawl,
Tug of War Pit,
Bull Rush,
Wild West Gladiator,
Large Foosball,
Giant Foosball,
Live Foosball,
Human Foosball,
Zorb Ball,
Human Bowling,
Bumper Soccer,
Zorb Ball,
Zorb Soccer,
Water Balls,
Bumper Balls,
Inflatable Movie Screen,
Sky Dancers,
Attention Getters,
Inflatable Archway,
Inflatable Bar,
Inflatable Pub,
Inflatable Night Club,





Water Slides; Dry Slides,
Jump Castle,
Wild Rapid,
Fire & Ice Slide
Jungle Water Slide,
Ripcurl Slide,
Rainbow Slide,
4 Lane & Pool,
Tropical 2 Lane,
Tropical Splash,
Purple Crush,
Surfs Up,
Wet or Dry Slide,
Wave Water Slide,
Riptide Water Slide,
Splash Pool,
Island Water,
Dolphin Splash,
Dolphin Wave Water Slide,
Monster Wave Water Slide,
Wild Rapid,
Double Splash,
Tropical Water,
Hot Lava,
Mega Slip & Slide,
California Wave,
Lagoon Slip & Slide,
Tropical Rainbow,
Blue Wave Slip & Slide,
Rainbow Palms,
Extreme Slip & Slide,
Blue Single Lane Water Slide,
Nemo Slip & Slide,
The Foam Pit,
Water Slide Pool,
Clown Slide,
King Crock,
Gone Fishing,
Toxic Slide,
Titanic Slide,
Wave Break,
Dragster Slide,
Pirate Slide,
Surf Side,
Big Drop Slide,
Tropical Beach,
Big Show,
Screamer Slide,
Cars - Slide,
Circus Clown Slide,
Aqua Rush Water Slide,
Frozen Water Slide,
Mammoth Mountain,
Log Jammer,
Atomic Drop,
Dinosaur Slide,
Blue Wave,
Sea Spray,
Wet & Wild,
Summer Splash,
Lil Kahuna,
Hippo Super Slide,|
Pools with Slides,
Awesome Screamer,
Bob the Builder Slide,
Orcha Water Slide,
Big Wave,
Top Hat,
Rooster Slide,
Ski Slide,
Jack & Jill,
Super Pink,
Giant Blue,
Animal Jungle Slide,
Golden Waters,
Tropical Thunder,
Dragon Slide,
Mushroom Pool,
Aqua Glide,
Water Walkers,
Tiger Slide,
Surf Shack,
Angry Birds Slide,
Space Shuttle,
Tropical Island,
Formula One,
Ocean Adventure,
Truck Slide,
Pirate Falls,
The Edge,
The Giant Edge,
Awesome Screamer,
Monster Truck Slide,
Haunted House Slide,
Big Kahuna,
Sponge Bob Slide,
Shark Attack Slide,
Double Dipper,
Kahuna Slide,
Lava Slide,
Safari Slide,
Tropicana Slide,
100m Slip & Slide,
Polar Slide,
Great White,
Inflatable Obstacle Courses,
Footy Challenge,
Football Fun,
Iron Man Challenge,
Sports Challenge,
Mighty Obstacles,
Green and Gold,
Army Challenge,
Aussie Ninja,
Tuff Runner,
Toxic Inflatable,
Olympic Challenge,
Super Obstacle,
Kings Castle,
The Challenge,
Ninja Challenge,
Construction Course,
Lost Arch,
Lost Temple,
Kids Gym,
Circus World,
Underwater Adventure,
Shark Attack,
Red & Gold,
Tropical Island,
Ocean Obstacle,
The Kids Playground,
Vertical Rush,
King Kong,
Giant Worm,
Train Tunnel,
Animal Kingdom,
Adventure Land,
Big Baller,
Balance Beam,
Giant Maze,
Mega Obstacle,
Adrenaline Rush,
Big Squeeze,
Blue & Gold,
Purple & Gold,
Superman Challenge,
Batman Challenge,
Circus Train,
Rugby Challenge,
Rugby Rumble,
Rabbits Footy Challenge,
Roosters Footy Challenge,
Eels Obstacle Course,
Panthers Footy Challenge,
50 Metre Challenge,
Indian Chief,
Treasure Maze,
Giant Maze,
Ops Obstacle Course,
Black Ops,
Under the Sea,
Kids Train,
Land Before Time,
Tarzan Trek,
Lost Mine,
Jailhouse Escape,
Pirate Ship,
Noahs Arc,
Rescue Squad,
Cartoon Run,
The Wild One,
Fire Rescue,
Monkey Mania,
Boulder Challenge,
X-treme Fun,
Ultimate Course,
Jungle Run,
Play Centre,
Fantasy Island,
Roswell Survivor,
Propeller Fan,
Egyptian Temple,
GI Jane,
Circus Big Top,
Panda Land,
Seaside Challenge,
Cars - Obstacle Course,
Farmyard Fun,
jungle Maze,
Carnival Maze
Big Blue,
Nuclear Meltdown,
Leaps and Bounds,
Jungle Run,
The Ultimate,
Ben 10 Challenge,
Fire Truck Adventure,