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Brisbane - QLD Inflatable

Water & Dry - Slides
Prices vary from location to location
and may increase in different areas

Rides and Amusements for Festivals, Fetes, Carnivals, Family Day Event,
Community Events, School Fun Days, Fund Raising Events, Family Gatherings,
Cultural Event, School Holiday Fun,, Annual Celebration, Christmas Parties, etc

North QLD

Super Giant Waterslide   From $7000 + GST       15 M High x 60 M Long

Line 02

6.5ft/2M    5M
Slip N Slides
From $600 + GST
Price on Application
Subject To
Time Required
  Brisbane Brisbane
  California Wave Slip & Slide  Lagoon Slip & Slide

Line 10

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Surf the Wave Slip & Slide Rainbow Slip n Slide Wild Splash Slip & Slide

Line 12


Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Tropical Rainbow Slip & Slides Adult 2 Lane Slip & Slide Surfs Up Slip & Slide

Line 14

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Water Wall Slip & Slide Rainbow Palms Water Slide Extreme Slip & Slide

Line 16

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Tropical Slip & Slide Blue Single Lane  Slip & Slide Rainbow Run Slip & Slide

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   Dry Slides



Super Giant - Air Space Zones   Brisbane   Price on Application    Size

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Dry Slides
From $600 - $1500 + GST
 Price on Application
Subject To
Time Required

  Brisbane - Cairns Brisbane
  King Croc Dry Slide Gone Fishing Dry Slide

Line 32

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Alpine Cliff Climb & Slide Titanic Dry Slide Wave Break Dry Slide

Line 34

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Everest Snow - Dry Slide Shotgun  Dry Slide  Giant Dragster Dry Slide

Line 36

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane - Dry
Jump "n" Dry Slide Combo Rainbow Super Slide - Dry Slide Giant Fun Water Slide

Line 38

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Clown Slide Giant Dry Slide The Big Drop Dry Slide

Line 40

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Vertical Rush  Superman Slide Giant Ladder Dry Slide

Line 42

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Big Show Screamer - Dry Slide Clown Slide - Dry Slide Cars Dry Slide

Line 44


Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane
Toxic - Climb & Slide Dual Lane Dry Slide The Jump Off Slide

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